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Why Change Your Roof’s Pitch?

Have you ever wondered how to transform your ranch-style house into a bungalow-style home? Changing the pitch of your roof can help you achieve this.

If your roof replacement job includes installing a new roof structure, take advantage of the opportunity to adjust your roof pitch. Changing the pitch of your roof is a significant job, and making the decision can be difficult. The options are unlimited, and the potential increase in value that a new roofing type may bring to your home makes it an excellent investment.

Why You Should Consider Changing Your Roof Pitch

1. Wind Resistance

If you live in a region where severe winds occur frequently, you should choose a shallow-pitched roof. Because the roofing plane is perpendicular to the wind direction, steep roofs are subjected to the full power of the wind. A shallow roof, on the other hand, allows more wind to move around the home.

2. Avoid Pooling Water

On roofs with particularly shallow slopes, water may pool. This can lead to water intrusion issues and algae growth in the future. This difficulty can be solved by raising the roof pitch.

3. Improves Shedding Efficiency

The appropriate pitch is required for a roof to successfully shed snow or precipitation. You may need a replacement roof with a steeper pitch if your roof isn't shedding rainfall rapidly enough. You should also think about using more efficient materials, such as metal.

What to Consider When Changing Your Roof’s Pitch

Changing the roof's pitch has a variety of effects on the roof, including how it appears, handles water and resists winds. Also, you should realize that this is not a small task. It is a huge renovation project that will transform your home.

Notably, for some roofing concerns, such a project may be the only option. Debris accumulation, water pooling and structural damage can all be addressed by changing the roof's pitch. It's also essential if you want to increase your attic.

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