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What Is a Roof Soffit, and What Does It Do for Your Home?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

There’s a good chance you don't know anything about the soffit installed on your home. It pays for every homeowner to be aware of this small yet important part of your roof.

What Is a Roof Soffit? A roof soffit is usually found around a structure’s main roof, but you can also see them under porches, arches, columns and flights of stairs. It’s usually made of aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood and steel. This part of the roof protects the rafters from harsh outdoor elements. Without the soffit, your rafters are likely to experience mold growth, and you might also have to deal with rotting beams. When this happens, you would need to contact a provider of home exterior services for replacement or repair. What It Does for Your Home The roof soffit has many purposes. Soffits protect your home’s exterior by preventing the entrance of pests, such as birds, bats and squirrels. They also allow you to sufficiently ventilate your attic while keeping your exterior appealing. This component also keeps water from blowing into your house when it’s raining, making them especially beneficial for areas prone to high winds. Finally, the roof soffit can also improve your attic ventilation. If you install a vented soffit, you can help your building breathe as the vents will provide regular air circulation to your attic. This prevents mold from growing and removes the excess heat and moisture that can cause your roof to deteriorate earlier than expected.

Keeping Soffits in Good Shape By hiring an experienced roof repair contractor, you can ensure your soffit and fascia are installed and waterproofed correctly. Roof maintenance is also essential in keeping soffits in good condition. Compromised flashing or deteriorating gutters can cause water to back up into your soffit and fascia, risking water damage. You can extend the lifespan of your soffits by making sure your gutters are clean, and they are the right size for your roof. Soffits must be sealed and caulked properly. Check them for bee, hornet and wasp nests from time to time. Get rid of any mildew on soffits with a soft brush and a bleach and water solution. From exceptional roof replacement to high-quality metal roof installation, A1 Quality Roofing, Inc. will definitely deliver. Expect only the best service when you choose us for your roofing project. Call us today at (951) 877-4406, or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.

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