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What Are the Risks of Delaying a Roof Replacement?

The roof is inarguably among the most vital components of a house. It offers protection against the elements, helps maintain indoor comfort and keeps your home structurally sound. While modern roofing materials are made to last for years or even decades, they will eventually need replacement. If a professional recommends getting a new roof, you shouldn’t delay it.

Here are the potential dangers of putting off a roof replacement.

Leaks Will Eventually Occur

When you neglect the needs of your roof or delay a replacement when necessary, it will not take long for leaks to occur. It usually happens when roofing materials begin to lose their protective layer. For instance, asphalt shingles with significant granule loss are more likely to experience damage. Once water leaks into your home, it can lead to other issues, such as electrical problems, rot and mold growth.

Your Energy Bills Will Increase

You can expect your energy bills to increase and comfort to suffer if you have an inefficient roof. If your roof is leaking, conditioned or heated air will escape your home, causing an increase in your utility costs. It can also put a strain on your heating and cooling system, which can reduce its lifespan. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your utility bills, consider getting a roof inspection.

There Will Be a Risk of Roof Collapse

Once water penetrates the surface of your roof and reaches the sheathing, sagging will eventually occur. When your roof is sagging, water will build up in the low areas of its surface instead of draining to your gutters. This can result in a constant leak, and the added weight of the water can become too heavy for your roof. Leaving this issue unaddressed increases the chance of a roof collapse.

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