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What Are the Common Causes of Roof Replacement Delays?

If your roof is old, you must replace it immediately before you sell your home or a storm arrives. Reputable roofing contractors will provide you with a project timeline to help you manage your expectations and prepare before the work begins. However, some situations can still derail your schedule.

In this post, we share the common causes of roof replacement delays and how to prepare for and avoid them.

Causes of Roof Replacement Delays

Bad Weather Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for roof replacements due to a lower risk of bad weather. Heavy rains and snow for weeks make it impossible to do a tear-off and inspect the entire roof system from the inside out. Furthermore, even the slightest drizzle will cause difficulties in removing the roof material and deck. Change Orders If your preferred roof products are unavailable, this will cause delays in your project. For example, the asphalt shingle color suitable for your roof might be unavailable from reliable local suppliers. Other causes of product order delays include clients who frequently change their minds and roof compatibility issues, which force roofers to look for alternatives. Fortunately, experienced roofers can foresee these issues and prepare for contingencies to avoid delays. Unforeseen Problems Your roof system has asphalt shingles, sheathing and rafters that support each other and protect your property. Roofing contractors will ask to reinforce any damaged or rotted sheathing and rafters to ensure proper roof replacement, and these added tasks will add to your project timeline and total cost.

How to Avoid Roof Replacement Delays

You can avoid roof replacement delays by working with a competent, experienced roofing contractor. With this type of roofer, you can rest assured that they will account for every detail, such as the shipping time of your roof materials, your local weather pattern, building permits and more.

Why Roof Replacements Shouldn't Be Delayed

At the first sign of issues, call up a local roofing company to carry out an inspection. Roof repair and replacement delays can exacerbate the existing damage on your roof and increase the cost to repair it. If you delay replacing your roof, these issues could eventually develop: Water Damage Old roofs are at high risk of water damage. Water infiltration in the attic will cause mold and rot, which will affect the wood sheathing and rafters, causing them to deteriorate more quickly. When this happens, your home is at risk of further damage whenever it rains. Structural Damage Roof repair and replacements must not be delayed to avoid extensive structural damage. Rotting wooden components will buckle and bend under your roof material's weight. Prevent roof collapse by calling a local roofing company to have your roof replaced immediately. Poor Indoor Air Quality Mold colonies in your attic create spores that will circulate in your living areas. These can trigger allergies or even cause respiratory problems. Call a mold specialist to remove the colonies and a roofer to inspect the possible structural damage on your roof. Lower Property Value It is challenging to portray old roofs as aesthetically pleasing. Homebuyers will likely ignore or negotiate a lower price to buy your property. If you have a deadline to sell your home, have a roof replacement done before putting it on the market. This will help increase seller interest and offers.

The Benefits of Roof Replacement

If you're still undecided whether to replace your roof before selling your home, here are some of the advantages of roof replacement that you should consider: Marketability A newly installed roof is more eye-catching and guarantees it won't fail during inclement weather. Homebuyers that are browsing through online listings will take note of your property because your roof looks great. Furthermore, realtors will find qualified buyers quickly because they can highlight the new roof's benefits. Immediate Bank Approval Buyers can get bank financing faster for properties in excellent condition. Banks are likely to approve loans for properties with new roofs. Furthermore, the recent roof replacement and transferable roofing warranties are attractive offers to any buyer. Convenience A new roof removes the hassle of replacement after a buyer purchases your home. Eliminating this huge undertaking on the seller's behalf makes it easy to market and sell your property. Plus, buyers always see a new roof as an advantage, even if the property has a higher market price. Building Inspection Buyers might cancel their offer if home inspectors discover the roof is in terrible shape. Or they might negotiate a lower price since they're going to pay for the roof replacement after purchasing your home. A roof replacement gives buyers less leverage during negotiations.

How to Tell if You Had a Bad Roof Replacement

Poorly done roof replacements result in inadequate protection for your home as well as additional costs. After your roofer completes the project, check for the following: Improper Shingle Placement Asphalt shingles should have the right spacing to prevent leaks. Experienced roofers know the right spacing between shingles to guarantee a watertight installation. Uneven Appearance You have an excellent roof installation if it looks uniform from the curb. The shingles should match in color and form. If this isn't the case, ask the roofer you hired to redo the job, or call the experts at A1 Quality Roofing, Inc. to reinstall the shingles for you. Improper Nailing The correct nails secure your shingle effectively during high winds and extreme weather conditions. High-quality nails should pierce through the shingle and into a dense oriented strand board (OSB). Hiring a professional roofer ensures proper nailing. Poor Gutter Installation Roofers ensure gutters slope slightly downward to send water to the nearest downspout. Poorly installed gutters without proper sloping won't be able to drain water. Instead, it will cause water to back up to the fascia and cause damage. Faulty Flashing Installation Flashing protects the valleys, vents and other structures on your roof. It sends water away from areas that are prone to water infiltration, extending the roof's lifespan. If you see leaks trailing on your walls or discoloration on your ceiling, these could be signs of poor flashing installation. At A1 Quality Roofing, Inc., you can be sure you're working with an experienced contractor that can provide you with superb roofing services. With our team, your roof replacement will be handled without delay. Call us at (951) 877-4406, or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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