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Tips on Selecting a Timeless Roof Color

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Picking a roof color is usually a big decision for homeowners. Since it's not something that can be replaced easily if you change your mind, you really do have to take your time in considering your roof color options.

Tips on Selecting a Timeless Roof Color

When installing a replacement roof, advice that you'll probably hear a lot is to choose a classic or timeless shade.

Dated or Timeless?

In a nutshell, a classic roof color stands the test of time. Regardless of the fad at a given time, your roof will still be able to hold up and not appear dated. Home design trends come and go, and they usually last for some years. Your roof, however, will be on top of your home for at least a couple of decades. So, if you're stuck with a roof color that no longer resonates with the current fad, your home will look outdated and might stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood.

That said, classic roof colors are typically the safest choice because they have a timeless look. Now, classic does not necessarily mean dull or plain black, white or brown. If you ask roofing contractors, they can show you a selection of roof colors in varying hues - such as almond, creamy yellow, heather gray, forest green and navy.

Choosing a Classic Roof Color

Of course, your choice of classic roof color should match the style or design of your exterior. Ideally, you should have a color scheme to look at so that you can narrow down your choices. This way, you can focus only on the shades that will actually go well with your home exterior. If you are in the process of building your home, you might want to choose a classic color that can match a wide variety of designs. Most classic roof colors are versatile in this regard. So you won’t feel limited in the future when you want a makeover for your exterior, you should consider a color that can look good no matter what.

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