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Reasons Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Good for Your Roof

Attic ventilation isn't something you think about too often. But did you know that it helps create a good environment for your roof? By keeping air circulating in and out of the attic, you help ensure your roof's longevity and performance. Here's why attic ventilation is a good thing for your roof.

Promoting Air Circulation Throughout Your Roof

A well-ventilated attic serves two functions: allow cool, fresh air to enter the attic via the intake vents located on your roof soffits and let hot, moist air to escape through the exhaust vents located at the highest points of the roof. Negative pressure draws the cool air up through the attic, pushing out the hot, moist attic air as it exits the roof vents.

Preventing Moisture Accumulation in the Attic

Roofing contractors also point out the role of attic ventilation in minimizing moisture levels. Source of indoor humidity, including daily activities like cooking and taking showers, can rise up into the attic where it will condense and turn into liquid droplets upon contact with the colder surfaces. Moisture, in turn, starts to deteriorate your roof's important components and ruin the insulation. If the attic isn't well-ventilated, mold and mildew can also thrive in this environment.

Protecting Your Roof Against Premature Failure

Your roof suffers the brunt of the sun's heat, especially during the summer months, causing the attic temperatures to rise. With ventilation, however, the trapped heat can escape through the exhaust vents, preventing the roof sheathing from warping. This, in turn, minimizes shingle aging. Existing insulation inside your attic also keeps attic heat from radiating down to your home's interior and wreaking havoc on your indoor comfort levels.

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