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Important Roofing Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

You want to buy a house with a roof that protects you from the elements and various weather conditions. Ideally, a roof that can last for several years can give you the best value for your money. That's why you should ask the following roof-related questions before purchasing a pre-owned property.

Important Roofing Questions to Ask Your Seller How Old Is the Roof? Old roofs have gone through plenty of storms and weather situations. Their age will help you identify their existing and possible issues in the future. Usually, home sellers have a copy of their roofing system's warranty or purchase receipt to serve as a reference for the roof's age. In case they don't have these documents, you can ask a professional roofer to inspect and determine the roof's age. What Repairs Were Done to the Roof? The roof has probably seen some repairs in the past unless it is a newly installed one. Records of roof repair and maintenance can help you determine the problems it might have later and prepare you financially. That said, you can expect a poorly maintained roof to have plenty of issues, so ask a reliable roof repair contractor to inspect it for you. You can even use the information your roofers get to negotiate a lower price. When Was the Roof's Most Recent Inspection? Professional roofing inspections can reveal hidden damage from age or previous storms. The last inspection will reveal to you the roof's most recent issues and actions taken to address them. Furthermore, recording past damage makes it easy to confirm if the roof is still eligible for its warranty. Is the Roofing Warranty Transferable? Transferable warranties are great to have, but they're not always necessary. Newly installed roofs with non-transferable warranties installed by a certified roof replacement contractor are still a good deal because they can protect the property for several years. Furthermore, these new roofs have the lowest chance of having defects or developing problems later on. Are You Open to Negotiations? Ask this question if your roofer discovered plenty of issues that warrant a major repair or full tear-off replacement. The seller must be willing to lower their asking price because you would have to shoulder the repair or replacement costs. Signs You Need Roof Replacement You can ask trusted local residential roofing contractors to help determine your roof's age and if it needs replacement. When a seller can't provide documentation establishing the roof's age or recent repairs, you can hire roofers to determine the roof's age and remaining lifespan. Here are some issues they might find during roof inspection that could indicate you need to replace your roof soon: Missing Shingles Missing shingles typically happen due to loose sheathing materials or roofing nails. A roof in poor condition will lose several shingles during strong winds. Be sure to hire a contractor to replace your missing shingles immediately. Damaged Shingles Old roofs may have cracked, split or curled asphalt shingles in various sections of the roof. The change of seasons, shrinking adhesive and natural wear are some of the common reasons behind these issues. When your roofing contractors discover a huge section of your roof has damaged shingles, they will likely recommend a full roof replacement. Leaks A leaky roof will leave trails on your roof and in your attic. Roofers can trace the leaks and identify their source. They may also look for worn-out materials, water trails from the shingles to the attic, water stains or ceiling discolorations, and other signs. Water Damage to the Home's Interior Neglected roof leaks will evolve into severe leaks over time. A large amount of water that passes through your shingles will cause the sheathing, rafters and other wooden parts to soften. The leaks would also leave streaks and stains and encourage the growth of mold inside the attic. When you spot these issues, call a roofing contractor to address the issue. Sagging Roofline Sagging roofs indicate weakened structural components that support the entire system. If you leave this issue unaddressed, it can cause the deterioration or collapse of the entire roof. Let roofers inspect your roof and attic before the damage becomes catastrophic and expensive to repair. Features of a Fully Functional Roof You deserve to own a new, functional roof that lasts for several years. It must be able to protect you from storms and endure extreme weather events. According to reputable roof repair contractors, here are the features that a fully functional roof should have: Strength An excellent roof can withstand the strongest storms in your region. It can have outstanding resistance from hailstone damage. For instance, GAF's Grand Sequoia® AS shingles have exceptional strength that makes them resistant to large hailstones. Wind Resistance Highly wind-resistant roofs can withstand gales. Specially manufactured shingles, such as GAF's Advanced Protection® shingles with LayerLock™ technology, can remain in place and with minimal damage during the strongest storms. A certified GAF roofer will use the right nails, starter strips and other accessories that ensure your roof is fully functional and can protect your property for a long time. Moisture Resistance All roofs must be watertight to ensure water won't creep inside the attic. Some manufacturers include features that improve the material's resistance to water damage and leaks. For instance, GAF's Timberline HDZ® asphalt shingles have an algae-resistant coating that prevents leaks, helping preserve the roof's moisture-protective coating and your home's curb appeal. Fire Resistance High-quality roofing materials have excellent fire resistance that prevents the quick spread of fires and extends the roof's lifespan. GAF's Timberline® shingles have a UL Class A fire rating that lets them protect your property from fires. They can also lower your insurance premium if installed by a certified GAF roofer. Warranties Roof warranties protect you from additional expenses caused by problematic materials or installations. They also signify the roofer's confidence in their workmanship and the manufacturer's belief in their products. GAF Master Elite® roofers can even offer stronger warranties, depending on the roofing system you choose.

Request a Roofing Quote Today! You want to work with a roofing contractor with decades of experience, knowledge and certification to repair or replace your old roof. A1 Quality Roofing, Inc., a certified GAF roofer, has accomplished several repairs and replacements and continues to maintain plenty of roofs in the area. Call us at (951) 877-4406, or fill out this contact form to request an estimate.

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