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How to Pick the Best Roof Vent for Your Home

When you’re installing a new roof or upgrading your home, you should pay attention to every element surrounding it, and that includes your roof vents. The importance of roof vents cannot be understated since they assist with the ventilation and structural integrity of your roof. As such, the roof vent style that you pick is important to its functionality and appearance.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are crafted to look like roofing shingles since they run across the length of the roof peak. They use a smart system to ensure that only air enters through your roof, preventing pests and debris from entering it. These vents offer even air distribution, which is something not every roof vent can do. In turn, this makes the temperature within your home even, helping prevent mold and moisture accumulation in your attic.

Turbine Vents

Roof turbine vents, or roof exhaust fans, use large rotating blades to eliminate hundreds of cubic feet of air each minute. Your roofing contractors will tell you that this is a great option for homeowners living in windy areas. Due to the speed of the airflow, it’s important to ensure that the soffits are clear of blockages to allow air into your roof in sync with the speed that it’s leaving. Make sure that you get aluminum vents with lubricated ball bearings for extra durability.

Low Profile Roof Vents

Low profile roof vents are also known as louvered vents. These are the most common roofing vents used in many homes today. They are manufactured using aluminum or galvanized steel. They are usually installed in the anterior side of a home to reduce their visual impact, but homeowners need to install multiple vents. They function by drawing air from a specific area, explaining the need for numerous vents in one roofing system.

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