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How Does Humidity Affect Your Roof?

Humidity is an often overlooked component of roofing. Minimal humidity inside a home helps keep the attic in good shape while excessive moisture can put the roof - and the rest of the living space - at risk of serious water damage.

In this blog, a trusted roof replacement contractor explains how humidity can affect the health of your roofing system. A Dry Home Promotes a Healthy Attic

One of the essential things a homeowner must do in order to preserve the service life of their roof and combat excessive humidity is to keep indoor moisture to a minimum. Moisture in your home can come from many sources, such as cooking and showering. If that moisture is not able to escape, it can reach the attic and cause all sorts of problems to your roof. To reduce the amount of moisture in your indoor air, actively use exhaust or ventilation fans, dry your laundry outside, and consider getting a dehumidifier.

Excessive Moisture Can Lead to Costly Problems When water works its way into the attic, you'll likely need to call your trusted contractor for a roof repair. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to observe the moisture level of the attic, which allows water to collect and linger for long periods, resulting in problems like rotted wood and mold growth. If left untreated, it can compromise the strength and durability of your roofing structure.

Outdoor Humidity Can Worsen Water Damage Your roof also has to withstand weather conditions. It is not uncommon for the outdoor air to remain damp even when the sun is out. By letting a professional regularly inspect your roof, you can catch early signs of damage, especially after a storm event, allowing you to remediate any issues before they have the chance to spiral out of control. A1 Quality Roofing, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial roofing solutions. We're one of the area's top roofing contractors that can provide excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Contact us at (951) 877-4406, or complete our online form to get started.

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