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3 Shortcuts a Reputable Roofer Will Never Make

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

It is essential to have a well-built roof to protect the home and its residents from harsh weather elements like heavy snow, torrential rainfall and scorching heat from the sun. For this reason, your roof should be made of high-quality materials and installed using expert workmanship. When roofing contractors resort to shortcuts, a multitude of costly and time-consuming problems may occur.

Here are four shortcuts a reputable roofer will never make:

  1. Using incorrect attachment methods: When second-rate fastening tools and methods are used, tiles can come loose and break apart from the roof. Terracotta and cement tiles, for example, should be attached using specially designed clips, ballast stones and galvanized steel nails. The proper placement of these items ensures the durability and longevity of the roof.

  2. Reusing old materials: If your contractor proposes to reuse old materials, such as flashing, vents and drip edges, to restore your problematic roof, take it as a red flag. Because this practice reduces the overall costs, some roofers utilize it to attract customers. This shortcut can definitely compromise the performance of your roof, so be sure to hire a roof replacement contractor who will never dare to recycle used, worn-out materials.

  3. Failing to check the underlayment: Underlayment shields your roof deck from moisture so mold and rot can be prevented. When replacing your roof, it is crucial that the roofer checks the condition of your underlayment before installing new shingles. Failing to replace damaged underlayment can lead to more problems in the future.

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