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3 Flashing Mistakes That Can Put Your Roof at Risk

Flashing is a thin strip of metal that is fitted at the edges or breaks along your roof. This material is used to prevent rainwater or snowmelt from leaking into your home or building and causing severe water-related damage. But installation errors can put your roof at risk.

Choosing the DIY Route

While there is an array of exterior improvements that you can successfully accomplish without the assistance of a professional, roofing is not one of them. Climbing on the roof, for instance, poses a slip-and-fall hazard, and flashing repair should be done with the proper set of skills and equipment. Also, failing to correctly repair or replace the flashing will only become a headache in the future. So, it is best to let a certified roofer sort out the issue right from the beginning.

Putting Off Repair

Whether to save money or time, putting off roof repair often brings worse news in the long run. Performing regular inspection and maintenance significantly reduces the chance of encountering flashing issues during a strong weather event. Minor issues due to wear and tear can also be caught and addressed before they get out of hand. If you believe your flashing has corroded or cracked, call in a roof repair professional right away.

Repairing Flashing Improperly

It is crucial that you work with a reputable contractor who pays attention to details. If sealants are incorrectly applied to the flashing material by an amateur roofer, more problems might occur. After all, essential components are sometimes easy to be overlooked by the untrained eye. Make sure not to skimp on flashing repair as it will only cost you more in the future.

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