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3 Common Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

While a majority of roofing contractors in Southern California are trustworthy and legitimate, there are still a few shady ones that won’t hesitate to pull a fast one on unsuspecting homeowners. That’s why - if you’re planning a roof project this season - it pays to be on the lookout for possible roofing scams.

1. The roofer is asking for a large payment upfront. This is an immediate red flag because that’s not how reputable roofing contractors do business. Large payments are handed over after the roofing work is completed, not before. Once they get that sum, what’s stopping them from doing a sloppy job of it or just hitting the road?

What to do: Shut the conversation down and start looking for another prospective roofer.

2. Your contractor is pressuring you to get a roof replacement. Not every leak or loosened shingle warrants a complete roof replacement. Repair work and maintenance will usually do the trick. A roof replacement, in fact, is considered the last resort. You have to be wary of contractors who are pressuring you to invest in a new roofing system, especially if your current one is still relatively new and has no actual visible damage you can see. If your home needs a roof replacement, you’ll know.

What to do: Are you willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? After all, some types of roofing damage are not always noticeable. You can ask another roofer for a second opinion. Have them perform a comprehensive inspection of your system. If it turns out your roof is still in good condition, drop the previous contractor.

3. Roofers have appeared at your door following a major weather event. They say they were in the area and saw that your roofing system needs repair. But the fact is that most roofers (the more reliable sort) don't knock on people’s doors after every storm to offer their services. Storm chasers, however, do just that.

What to do: Just tell them no, and start calling other prospective roofers in your area. Storm chasers are often bad news, using subpar materials and delivering poor workmanship. And the moment you realize that, they’re already long gone.

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May 28, 2022

Roof Repair Plantation experts will typically request a small payment that is the down payment, the second payment due halfway through the job, and the final payment upon completion.

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