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How Basements and Foundations Are Waterproofed

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Excess moisture is not only problematic for your roof, but also your home’s concrete foundation. If water manages to make its way into your home’s foundation, it may erode the concrete and compromise the structural stability of your home.

How Basements and Foundations Are Waterproofed

Contractors highly recommend homeowners, particularly those living in flood-prone areas, waterproof their homes’ concrete foundation. Waterproofing your foundation will make flood cleanup a lot easier and help prevent the formation of mold and mildew in your walls and floors. Remember: mold can start to form on damp surfaces in as little as 24 to 48 hours, which is why a waterproof basement is more of a necessity in flood-prone areas.

So, how are basements and foundations waterproofed?

Seal Cracks and Other Entry Points

The first step is to close off all the moisture entry points into your basement. There are two methods for sealing cracks: one is to inject a special sealant into cracks, and the other is to apply a watertight coating to the walls. The former is the preferred method for large cracks and severe flooding damage while the latter is only used for minor cracks because it doesn’t perform well when subjected to intense water pressure.

Waterproofing the Exterior

After sealing off the exterior, the contractors will then move onto waterproofing the exterior of your foundation. Note that contractors will have to excavate around your home to reach the foundation walls. After the excavations are done, the contractor will apply waterproof coatings to the foundation wall to ensure water doesn’t infiltrate your foundation or basement from the outside.

Installing an Underground Drainage System

Contractors will then install drainage systems that are responsible for diverting water that accumulates along the foundation away from your home.

A1 Quality Roofing, Inc., has been providing professional roofing and waterproofing services to local residents since 1991. To request a quote, call us at (951) 877-4406, or fill out this form.

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